We will gladly beat any written quotation from a reputable company, we can't compare to sub-standard kitchens that's produced in someone's garage, but we would not advise anyone to go that route anyway.

Property Developers    


We have many years of experience in assisting property developers to complete their projects with minimum delays, building long term partnerships with property developers . . . . Being property developers ourselves, we know the biggest concerns for  property developers are;

Cost – Saving expenses increases profit, that’s the bottom line.We deliver a high quality product at a cost that no other supplier can beat. That is why we can offer our sales guarantee, that we will beat any written quotation if the other supplier uses the same quality fittings, materials and workmanship as ours. When looking for a very good quality product at the best possible price, you will not find any other supplier than can beat us, for sure!

  • Quality – Good quality products are essential when developing property for sale or building on behalf of a client. A good quality product, especially the kitchen and cupboards, ensures that your property will achieve maximum selling prices, while the clients feel satisfied with their purchases as the kitchen sets the tone in most properties. We only use the best quality fittings and materials, our products manufactured in a state of the art factory, giving you the peace of mind that you receive the best possible product.
  • Deadlines – Any property developer knows that deadlines are the basis of every successful project and if you have suppliers that can work with you, keeping to your deadlines, bending over backwards to accommodate you and assist you in crunch times, your project runs so much more smoother and suppliers like that is worth their weight in gold. Through years of experience, we have implemented systems to ensure that we work with the developer, rather than being a negative force on the deadlines of a project like most suppliers and sub-contractors.
  • After sales service – It’s no good having a supplier delivering a good product, if that supplier is not willing to fix the small retentions and eager to go out of their way to satisfy the developer or clients, weeks after the main project has been completed. On every development there are small retentions that creep in everywhere and a good supplier will ensure that he fixes these little problems without  tangling hairs with the developer, to ensure that the developer delivers a good quality end product to his client and buyers up to the very last minute. We only work on referrals and this is our claim to fame.
  • Lifelong Guarantees on products, fittings, materials and 7 years on workmanship – Very few other suppliers, if any, gives such a comprehensive guarantee on their products, affirming our confidence in our products, materials, fittings and workmanship. This is very important as it ensures the owners of your properties you sell and build will be satisfied for years to come, giving you as developerpeace of mind on any future comebacks.

We strive to become a partner in your project, assisting you to achieve your goals, rather than just being a sub-contractor, aiming to deliver a product and make maximum profit.

Ask our developers we have been working with for many years now, WE BUILD AND CHERISH LIFELONG PARTNERSHIPS, RATHER THAN SHORT TERM BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS.

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