Property Developers    


Nu Kitchen Interiors Gauteng has many years of experience in assisting property developers to complete their projects with minimum delays, building long term partnerships with property developers . . . .

Nu Kitchen has experience in Property Development and has identified critical areas:

Keeping kitchen and cupboard design costs down 

Saving expenses increases profit, that’s the bottom line. Nu Kitchen interior creates kitchen and bathroom interiors, delivering a high quality product giving the client value for money.


Nu Kitchen Interiors uses good quality products especially in their kitchens, cupboards and workmanship. Good quality finishings in kitchens and bathrooms increases the value of the property

ensures that your property will achieve maximum selling prices.

Nu Kitchen Interiors’ products manufactured in a state of the art factory, giving you the peace of mind that you receive the best possible product. High quality leads to customer satisfaction.


Nu Kitchen Interiors have implemented systems through their experience in property development to ensure working WITH the developer / clients rather than against, helping to meet deadlines assisting through crunch times and putting in extra effort to deliver on time.

After sales service 

Nu Kitchen prioritise after sale service with the property development, kitchen or bathroom cupboard installation. The word – of – mouth referrals from Nu Kitchen clients attest to good after sales service.

Guarantee of 20 years on workmanship 

Nu Kitchen Interiors strives to become a partner in your property development project, assisting you to achieve your goals, rather than just being a sub-contractor, aiming to deliver a product and make maximum profit.


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