Bedroom cupboards design and manufacture

Do you need new bedroom cupboards or cupboards with more versatility? Refresh your home with a bedroom makeover and increase the resale value of your home with designer bedroom cupboards.

Nu Kitchen Interiors also designs and manufactures bedroom cupboards, according to your needs to fit in the space you have available. Built – in bedroom cupboards can be chosen according to your style and budget and are made with quality materials.

To begin planning bedroom cupboards design and manufacture, you will need to know what your budget is and what you are looking for.

Choices of different wooden cupboards needing to be made, and include:

-Solid wood vs laminate

-Colour of the wood / laminate

-Are you needing to reuse the interior of the cupboard?

-Cupboard finishes 

For examples of bedroom cabinet styles, click here to view the gallery photos 

As the client, there are things you will need to know when planning of your new cupboard. Basic bedroom cupboards usually have the following features needing to be included in teh cupboard design. NuKitchen Interiors has all the design expertise to help you put hte pieces together and will create the design and cupboards for you:

  • Hanging space for slacks, pants

  • Hanging space for longer items of clothes eg dresses, jackets

  • Hanging space for shirts and blouses

  • His and Her space

  • His space will include more space for pants and shirts, her space might include more space for longer dress items

  • Shoe cupboard area

  • Makeup or mirror area

  • Drawers for underwear and smaller items

  • Wooden shelving for folded items 

Bedroom design tips for small spaces:

  • Lighter colours make the area look bigger

  • Choose simpler colours for the bedroom cupboards and walls, and rather spice up the colour with accessories. This also prevents boredom

  • Choose a smaller bed!

  • Use smaller furniture is a smaller room

  • Add more drawers and pull out spaces to your bedroom cupboard design to be able to organise and pack away the extra cluttering

  • Avoid leaving clothes on chairs and desks

  • Use a dropdown desk or smaller sized desk as part of your bedroom cupboard designer

  • Install a narrower taller cupboard, using all the space between the floor and ceiling

  • Use metallic, longer door handles to give a sleek effect

  • Add drawers under the bed where linen, valuables and even out of season clothes can be stored

  • Use boxes, boxes on wheels or chests for storage

  • Use mirrors to create a spacious feeling

  • Create an elegant space with a slim headboard to match the bedroom cupboards

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