Five basics of designing any kitchen

After considering your Kitchen Design Layout, your next step is to consider the 5 basics of your kitchen:

Cabinet Carcass

Although there are many finishes for cabinetry on the outside, the inside of any kitchen cabinet will always be White Melamine. The outside components like doors etc. are manufactured from Supawood or other finishes with different finishes/profiles. Supawood is a much denser compact of chipboard and is also considered an industry standard for "viewable" cabinetry. (The only exception to Supawood as the base of viewable components would be if you've selected solid wood components for your cabinetry.

When choosing a kitchen cupboard supplier, make sure they use A GRADE materials as you will not believe the number of unhappy clients that phone us saying that one of our competitors they chose instead of us, used lower grade materials and the quality of the wood is very bad. So, make sure you receive A GRADE wood and a long (7-year or more) workmanship guarantee like you are sure to receive from Nu Kitchen Interiors. Only the best will do when using an exceptional company like ours.

Another very important fact about your kitchen cabinet carcass is the assembly. The difference between a quality kitchen and a poor kitchen is in the assembly. Any cabinet can look good when installed, but only a quality assembled kitchen carcass will still be solid and strong after 20 years and these kitchen installers that assemble the cabinets in their garage are in no way able to construct the carcass in a strong way. To manufacture a strong carcass, you need specialized drilling machines and CAM screws to assemble the carcass in a strong way. If anything, else like only screws or nails are used to assemble a cabinet, you can be sure that the kitchen cupboard carcass will start falling apart and losing its strength after only a few years and by then it’s too late to complain, so be sure to do your homework before the time. Be sure to ask your kitchen and BIC supplier to show you how they assemble their cabinet carcasses.

Door Profiles

The door profile refers to the "pattern" or finish on the doors.

There are quite a few cupboard door finishes to choose from depending on the finish of the material you opt for.

With Wrappe you have many different cupboard door patterns to choose from, as well as when you choose Solid wood doors. You can search the internet for your preferred door pattern and show us a picture of your chosen pattern. If you would like to have a cupboard door profile and pattern, you would have to opt for Wrappe or Solid wood doors. Melamine cannot have any profiles apart from a normal flat profile.

Kick Plates

Kickplates or Plinths as they're often referred to, are the narrow panels that lay horizontally between the floor and the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinets are almost never built directly onto the floor in order to protect your cupboard carcass from moisture.

You can make use of Stainless Steel, Aluminum Resin type kickplates or alternatively; the Kickplates can be made to match the rest of your cabinetry. This is normally what is done with the Bedroom BIC's. The other option, usually used or combined for Bathroom vanities, is to either have floating cabinetry which doesn't require any Kickplates at all - Cabinetry is supported by wall mountings, or by using cabinet legs made from plastic, metal or aluminum.

Kitchen Counter Tops

Counter tops are a very important part of your kitchen and can sometimes be a tedious task to choose, as there are so many options and they have to be durable and able to take wear and tear.

Your most common options are:

Door Handles

Kitchen cupboard door handles are a great part of the look of your kitchen and plays a big part in the style you opt for. There are so many handles out there that we offer handles from the 2 largest suppliers in SA, Roco & Gelmar. Have a look at the Product & Suppliers page for links to all of our suppliers, where you are welcome to look for a choose your handles. If you saw a handle from another supplier, you are welcome to send us a photo and product code of the handle with the details of the supplier and we will find a way to get your dream handles for y ou.

We have many samples at our showroom, so do take some time to visit our showroom in centurion, one of our sales executives will assist you in showing all of the various finishes and samples. It’s ALWAYS better to see the products in person and have a qualified sales person assist you in matching & choosing your kitchen cupboard door finishes . 


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